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VPS Hosting Server in UAE

Basic purpose of getting a vps hosting server in UAE from a destination like Middle East is to have low latency rate and the greatest browsing experience by you and your users. Yes, we assure you this feature via our redundant network. We provide you the super online machine with guarantee of its support and its reliable networking with your desired data package and required memory / storage, even if you are buying it due to your privacy reasons as in virtualization, you can hold things separately but no one who may snap or share your resources. If you want fast and secure virtual private server, come to us because with the best and untried contribution of technicians and with the experienced admins we approach to provide the best, reliable and completely secure and comfortable VPS Hosting services, which are equipped and installed with latest technologies for long-term business and your relation with us.



We bet that you cannot find that cheap prices in the whole internet for this special GCC region for acquiring a virtual private server from this location. Introducing different packages, all for different kind of needs, resources enriched and cost-effective prices.

V1 2 GB 50 GB 1 vCPU 1000 GB $26.00 Order
V2 4 GB 50 GB 2 vCPU 1000 GB $49.00 Order
V3 8GB 50 GB 4 vCPU 2000 GB $85.00 Order
V4 16 GB 50 GB 8 vCPU 2000 GB $128.00 Order
V5 32 GB 50 GB 8 vCPU 2000 GB $177.00 Order
V6 32 GB 50 GB 16 vCPU 2000 GB $250.00 Order
UAE VPS Hosting


All plans are comprised of huge amount of monthly bandwidth which is usually found very costly in United Arab Emirates. Rest you can find top and latest addons, which can help you to manage your computing convenient.

  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Choice of IP ranges
  • Many free OS
  • Load Balancer
  • PTR or rDNS
  • upto 4 extra IPv4
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Extra SSD Hard + Snapshots
  • Extra Ram or Memory
  • Control Panels
  • DNS + VPS + CDN
  • upto 100 Mbps port

Technical Hallmark and Benefits

Advance VPS Management
Advanced Management

Find ourselves side by side with you when you need quick assistance for any issue and info .

Secure and Fast Virtualization
Scure, Fast & Flexible Network

By default 100Mbps shared port is connected, could be from different carriers available but you may order dedicated port.

Quick VPS Setup
Quick Setup & Easy Going

Most of the time servers provisioned just after confirmation of order and payment, it can take upto 24 hours maximum.

Free Reinstallation for VPS
Unlimited Free Re-Installations

Consider asking us to re-install your operating system from our available OS list any time after purchase.

Advance VPS Fatures

Have anything different to Discuss? We always like to hear and sort things out for you

We proffer popular Operating Systems and Control Panels.

Before checkout, you can pick out an operating system to be installed on your order instance, we have a full range with many versions for all well liked operating systems by most of users..

centos for vps
debian os uae
ubuntu operating system
windows 2012 and 2016
cpanle for vps
plesk for vps

VPS Hosting UAE

Here for some viewers guidance, we will conclude, what is a VPS, why from UAE location, what virtualization technologies we will assure and which kind of hosting demands may fulfilled under this sort of Hosting much easily.

Virtual Private Server is the partitioned server from a Dedicated Server, only for the convenience of those users who wants to install special script, plug-in, frameworks, wants to run different tons of users on your applications, or wants to deal with resources of machine by your own. As VPS server is more reliable and cheap than dedicated server, peoples and administrators mostly use it instead of dedicated machine. That is the reason the users rush towards us and want to work with us. Now a days, everyone want a cheap, reliable and fast online networking solution, we make it possible for you in the shape of virtual private server for the whole community of Middle East and outer world.

KVM technology for both LINUX and WINDOWS operating system is the mechanism we present for UAE based VPS by us. If you want a VPS Hosting in Middle East than you have a golden chance to contact us to acquire the most reliable service. Most of the users afraid to buy VPS Hosting in UAE, due to highest rates and uncomfortable technical support, but not to worry now, because we deliver it in very cheap price, with reliable networking and comfortable technical support without any complaint.

A long period passed since we are serving with our quality vps server solutions and we are happy to inform you that in that period, about 95% of clients are satisfied from our services. We offered quick responsive technical support, because the only us hired the world’s top level and experienced administrators to cater all technical issues. Solving problems, handling all your queries, resolving the matter without wasting of any time, listening all your requirements carefully and try our best to facilitate them as soon as possible is our top priority. That is why most of the clients attract towards us and buy VPS Hosting UAE from us without any worry and with our secured and comfortable technical support.

Targeting your users towards your services or products requires more date storage capability to cover and fulfill the requirements of your clients; only we can provide you the high storage packages to assure the best performance of data management. Not only this all Linux based servers come with root access and windows based as Administrator which means you will have whole dedicated control on what you bought.

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