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As we all know, location of website origin matters much to an online business or there could be many other situations when a specific server location is required. Unlike other international hosting providers, we emphasis on a distinct area of the earth to deliver worldwide web services. Now the most important thing is to acquire reliable, low cost, well managed and secure platform to go live.

To meet all above mentioned facilities, we are offering highest quality vps servers which must provide the lowest latency all through. You can buy an instance for UAE based proxy, gamming, web and email server or even utilize for all legal purposes. By default about all most common ports will be opened but upon a support request we may open any special port too for you. so you must feel yourself friendly, convenient and firm with us because you will get a virtual private server which will serve as dedicated machine for you, no other who can share your resources or IP.

Virtualization within Dubai, UAE is being offered by us through 2 Different Data-Centers which will also give you any opportunity to engage in two different IP ranges. Not only this but we are also offering 2GBPs DDOS protection packed with VPS provisioning. Moreover, unlike other companies, we give maximum monthly bandwidth by default and low priced in case you need additional in future. Introducing first time in middle east with plenty of Linux and Windows based packages to grab one as per your needs.

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Unique and top rated features for hosting services infrastructure

fast servers

Supermicro Fastest Servers Virtualization and dedicate servers are offered using the quality hardware available in the market.

ddos mitigation

DDOS Mitigation To have something out of box, 2GBPs DDOS protection from any attack at any time is included.

low price

Lowest Price You will not find anyone who may present lowest price than us for United arab based servers.

quick server setup

Quickest Provisioning Want to work instantly in Middle East Evironment, submit order and get your instance activated within few hours.

Our Significance and Distinction

Feel yourself safe with us because you will absolutely get the best for what you will pay. We are professionals, assembled and configure things under top departmental management by default, to say sorry to excuses. In addition, there are different aspects like cheap prices, reliable team, best hardware, flexibility in OS re-installation and many more, which divide a line in between us, and others fall in the same category!

Trustworthy & Reliable

Dedicated Team

Standard Hardware

Secure & Sound

Top Advantages of VPS Hosting in UAE

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a popular hosting solution that provides users with a dedicated amount of resources on a virtual server. UAE and Dubai, in particular, are rapidly developing regions with a growing demand for VPS server hosting services. Here are some of the benefits of UAE, Dubai-based VPS server hosting:

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